First One


Ubiq-Lab First One speakers represents the pinnacle of the 21st reference monitors design accomplishment. These are the pure reference level speakers designed by music lovers for the music lovers.
No corners were cut with the First One speakers. Top selection of premium grade parts and materials ensure unsurpassed music’s delivery, that encapsulates the very essence of the music reproduction without any constraints.
Don’t be fooled by the size The First One speakers. First One loudspeakers act in the domain of the floorstanders, easily fulfilling the room with the authoritative dynamic and extremely engaging performance. Even at low level you can experience the headphone like intimacy, resolution, impressive micro/macro details and much desired concert feeling can be delivered to the normal listening environments.


  • Three way monitor
  • Sealed box design for bass and midrange
  • Top grade birch/beech plywood enclosure
  • 5 mm solid aluminum shell
  • 10 mm marble panels
  • Mundorf AMT tweeter, SB Acoustics 6,5” Satori Midrange driver, Scanspeak 6,5” Classic driver
  • First order crossover
  • Mundorf copper foil coils
  • Jantzen, Rike and Duelund capacitors
  • Jantzen wiring
  • WBT 0703 Cu speakers binding posts
  • High quality optional aluminium stand