First Amplifier

Without consciously following popular zeitgeist attributes the unique and inspiring jointed forces of Igor Kante and Andrej Lakner encapsulates something very special with the Ubiq-Lab First one project. Passion, innovation, exclusivity and timeless appeal were expertly blended into the 21st century ultra-high-end-audio power amplifier. The quest of finding an axiom of the contemporary sonic theory was being chased down to the very nucleus part of the electronic circuits.
UBIQ Audio Lab’s the First One represent the pinnacle of UBIQ Audio Lab’s R&D and efforts to bring something special, that was designed from ground up to be on par and act as a matching partner to the First One monitor speakers. Our First One comes as a modern amplifier, that builds upon the rich heritage of high-end audio amplifiers design, but also bring a daring implementations of the uncharted territories, that audio engineers usually are not willing to enter.
This product was designed from the ground up for those purists, connoisseurs and real high-end audio music aficionados, that cherish the music for what it is. The First One acts like multi-faceted, full-toned, extremely well-phrased emotional performer, that sets new norms and set a reference standard for the 21st century power amplifier.
Ubiqu can act with air of serenity or as volatile and tempestuous performer with unique ability to instantly act upon any sonic demand, without getting in the way of the music.
The unique ability of blending lighting fast transient responses, with uber-rich harmonic structure pushes the Ubiq-Lab First One on the very unique plane where the best qualities of solid state and tubes are mixed and morphed into the grand diversified potency, that needs to be heard to be believed.
Everything inside of the Ubiqu was optimised to the perfection with selection of finest materials, highest industry grade state of the art components and premium parts, never seen so far in any amplifier regardless of the price.
The First One amplifier implements Ubiq-Lab in-house propriety amplifier modules (2 x 300 at 8 ohm 2 x 600 at 4 ohm).
The First One is designed modularly. Each module represent the utmost refined sole perfected electronic entity.
Each module was over the time perfect to the maximum and then combined into the best possible way into the harmonic whole. At the end the sum of all the modules became even better, and more important then each on its own. Every audio designer has faced similar challenge, when one needs to combine quite different and unique small microcosms into the one giant universe, where no “sonic” black holes effects are allowed.
No single part was used incidentally with the Ubiqu. Each part was compared and tested with multitude of different competitive parts and on each step everything was also sound checked. The continuous combination of scientific and listening tests brought the formation of first prototypes, that was during the developing phase always evaluated by many different highly demanding audiophiles.
Unlike many present-day high-end audio products, the First One was voiced to achieve the perfect balance of unaltered dynamics and real world contour of timbre, tone and colour.
Propriety FO module is result of more then two decades of painstaking work, R & D and dedicated effort to achieve something extraordinary. It represents the essence of Andrej Lakner’s lifetime experiences. All of his knowledge is concentrated in this unique and propriety module, that comes as a sum up the collective efforts of the DIY crowd, where few hundreds of people implemented modules in their amps and constantly report their findings thought the circular feedback.
Based on the collective feedback, thousands hours of listening and with the extended testing field all over the world (you can call it sort of a crowd testing) FO module set the very ground stone of the new module. The final results is the xxx generation of circuit, that had fundamentally embraced these attributes:
  • compact and small footprint
  • shortest signal paths
  • best parts possible
  • modern SMD technology
  • best possible PCB boards
  • no lead
  • gold plated
  • copper shielding